I'm Harri Rose, a health coach living in London. I coach women (and some men) on body confidence, intuitive eating (ditching BS diets forever) and creative living. What does that actually mean? 

Would you like to feel free from all the messages telling you that you need to change how you look? 

Would you like to feel less cray cray around food in ANY situation?

Would you like to look in the mirror and actually like what you see?

Want to get rid of that niggly feeling that there's more to the life than the one you have right now?

Would you love to not give a shit about what people thought of you? (Even in a swim suit, yup)

Would you like to feel like the powerful, creative, beautiful person that you are?

 I have the knowledge and experience to make that a reality. Let me show you how!

I want you to live more healthily, consciously and creatively & to heal your relationship with your body to have the confidence to chase your dreams.

You can learn to learn to love yourself and heal your relationship with food and your body,  just as you are, right now.

I've been through it all and I'd love to show you how you can love your life and embrace who you are. 


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