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The Body Hang Up Shakedown

Giving body insecurities the brush off for good so you can strut your way through anything, head held high. 

This 6 week body image kick-starter is for you if:

* You criticise and shame your body when you look in the mirror. You're uncomfortable looking in the mirror. You think a lot about how you need to change your body. You look back at old photographs wishing you still looked like that. You compare your body negatively against others. 

* You tell yourself that you're not good enough or that you should look in a different way. You obsess with weight loss and think about food all the time.

* You feel out of control or stressed about 'right/wrong' foods. You're confused about how to eat 'correctly'. You give yourself a hard time for not eating 'perfectly' all the time. You shame your food choices and judge others for how they eat. You've lost touch with what your natural hunger is like and have no idea how to stop dieting.

* You give yourself a hard time for being lazy/fat <insert negativity here>. You give yourself a hard time for not working out more - or you over-exercise, even when you're sick or tired. You don't feel like you know how to find an exercise you love (exercise feels like punishment).

* You feel that life could be more fun, carefree and colourful but your body hang ups are holding you back.

Cost: £333

Payments plans are available, BACS or Paypal. 


Harri is brilliant at listening and fully understanding my issues. Her positivity and encouragement really give me a lift and since I’ve been coached by Harri I have felt happier and more satisfied. She is a natural and so down to earth - I don’t feel embarrassed or silly talking about anything with her and she always makes sure the goals are achievable and you’re comfortable with them. Harri taught me to challenge my negative self-talk, focus on nourishing my body, and that it’s ok to eat what I want when I want.
— Roz

This is no one size fits all coaching - this is tailored for YOU and your specific body and food niggles.  No resolutions or willpower are necessary. In 6 weeks, you'll smash through perfectionism, negative thoughts and limiting self-beliefs for sustainable change that lasts.

What you'll get:

A personalised 1: 1 plan where you set the pace and the direction for your plan starting with a deep dive to unlock your key areas that are holding you back. 

* 3 x coaching calls (Skype 50 mins). Each calls will end with an action plan to drive you towards the vision of yourself you want to achieve plus whatsapp support between sessions, not every coach does this but I feel it's important for your support. 

Real talk ways to smash through feelings of self-consciousness and shame you hold about your body and eating habits. 

Exercises to dramatically improve your self esteem and steps to help you love your body - it is the only one you're going to have.

Creative ways tap into your potential and learn how you're going to use all the new brain space when you're not worrying about food or your body anymore.

The principles of intuitive eating delivered in an easy, step by step format.

* A wealth of resources, articles, books and more

Support to help ensure you create sustainable change that lasts - so you can feel confident that you'll never diet again. 

And most importantly, a personal cheerleader, supporting you every step of the way!

Book a FREE discovery call. It's important you feel this is a good fit for you.  

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Harri is a very self-aware person, she is hugely emotionally intelligent which is super important when assuming the role of coach. She sees the best in people, even when they don’t.
— Rebecca



Transformational, inspiring group work. 

Creative Mindset and Body Confidence Workshops

A creative space to discover what your body is saying to you. A chance to unpick unhelpful thoughts and replace them with positive new ones. Through creative exercises, a huge dose of loving kindness and curiosity, I'll create a safe space to come back to yourself. 

Upcoming dates: 

There's nothing coming up at the moment but check back soon... 

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