I'm Harri Rose. I coach women how to love their bodies, ditch diets forever and live their life through bespoke 1:1 coaching, workshops and talks. 

I help people go from destructive cycles of disordered eating and negative thoughts about their bodies, to becoming balanced, present and at peace with themselves (all without losing a single pound, or their social lives).

I call my work unapologetic because for too long, we’ve been apologising for our bodies.

I’ve walked the walk. Name a diet and I’ve tried it. I spent years in a cycle of self hate and self-destructive eating. I was a walking calorie encyclopedia and diet club veteran. I know what it's like to think you would be happier if you could only drop a dress size (or three) and to be forever be seeking out the latest diet to solve all your problems.  When you're putting off life for that future moment in time when you've finally got your 'dream body'.  And I also know how it feels to think, 'I just can't keep going this.' 

Well stick around here, babe and I'll show you that another way is possible. 

Regardless of who my clients are the one thing that unites them is that they've tried EVERYTHING to change their bodies and they are sick of feeling like they're losing the battle. They're tired of hating what they see in the mirror, they've had enough of not feeling good enough and they're sick of negative thoughts ruining their confidence.

My clients are ready to feel happy in their skin and undo the years of diet culture which tells them that they don't measure up. They're ready to stop living for a future happiness and embrace who they are, right now. 



Anyone feeling less than happy with themselves should talk to Harri. Not diet, not self-hate. First step to loving yourself is to speak to her.



“Coaching with Harri was so worth every minute. I came away with tools that last a lifetime. I honestly use them every day. It's an absolute game changer”

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