10 things that 'taste better than skinny feels'

10 things that taste better than skinny feels.png

You've probably heard the famous Kate Moss quote 'nothing tastes as good as skinny feels'.  It is said in a way that keeps us in check every time we want to eat a mouthful of cake. Well, I'd like to shine a light on this toxic piece of advice because quite frankly, I’ve had enough of it being used as a way to shame our food choices. 

Body acceptance feels and tastes better than skinny feels. 

There’s so much freedom in learning to love your body.  There's the physical freedom as you can live your life free from insecurities. And there's also the mental freedom as have so much more brain space for other things, when you’re able to let go of all the obsessive thoughts about what to eat and how to change your body.

Here's 20 things I think taste better than skinny feels:

1.       Making peace with your body so you no longer feel cut off at the neck but whole and complete from head to toe.

2.       Wearing what the fuck you want regardless of what magazines say and choosing clothes that make you happy not because you think they flatter you.

3.       Looking in the mirror and giving yourself a wink because you feel great.

4.       Eating to your body’s natural cues and never questioning what’s right or wrong. Eating from a place of joy and having ZERO guilt about it afterwards. If you fancy pasta when your friends are ordering salad, then fuck it!

5.       Choose exercise because you know it makes you happy  - that could be hula hooping, swing dancing, walking, swimming or kayaking -  NOT to hit a goal weight.

6.       Being able to strip off in a changing room or on a beach and not be sick with worry about what other people think of you. Instead of a towel shuffle, you’re free to shimmy down the beach with your head held high!

7.       Stopping all the obsessive thoughts about food and your body and having brain space to take up a new (or old) hobby.

8.       Giving a mental fuck off to diet culture and anyone who says you have to change your body to be happy.

9.       Expressing gratitude for all that each part does for you – every hug, smile, kiss and breathe - even if it’s not as young as it used to be! You know that there’s no such thing as past it.

10.   Feeling like you’ve come home.


What else feels better than thin feels?

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