Just start... kicking procrastination and fear into touch.

JUST START! I have written that sentence to myself a 100 times in journals, on post-its and in notes on my phone. Just start.

But it’s so hard!

Even writing this blog brought a paralysis that made me instantly need to check my emails, go make a cup of coffee, read another blog (for inspiration right), think about what I was doing later and day-dream about a Portugal holiday.


Ok, I’m here. I’m writing these words. Fuck. My mind has gone blank. Gargh.

Does this sound familiar? .

The thing is - we get so hung up on the end result that we forget the process is where the joy is.

Maybe that story will turn into a book and eventually turned into a film starring Ryan Gosling. But maybe it’ll just bring your friends joy. Or maybe it’ll never be seen. That’s ok too.

Maybe you’ll hate that yoga class you’ve been tempted with or maybe you’ll become a yogi master. But unless you go and find out you’ll never know.

Maybe you’ll take that class in sewing and become the next Vivienne Westwood or maybe you’ll just rely less on your Mum to fix that hem.

Whatever it is, it is human nature to look to the future - to worry about failure or become overwhelmed with the magnitude of what success looks like. And this can lead to being entirely stuck. Like I have been trying to start this blog for months.

We often say we haven’t got the money or the time for pursuits of personal passion. But be honest, how many hours have you set aside to watch that box set? And when we ‘haven’t got anything to wear’ how many of us suddenly find the cash for that cute new outfit.

I’m absolutely no different. But I’m trying to shift my mindset to prioritise things that will fill my soul not just empty my pocket.

Two things I’ve recently pinpointed as things that would make me happier are: making more art, more writing and traveling more. So I’m going to do my utmost to save a little bit of money each month to go towards a holiday next year, and I’m going to try and do something creative every day. Even if it’s just some adult colouring watching TV.

See the thing is, just show up and don’t think about the consequences. Do it for the enjoyment… for the joy of words, paint, flour, flowers, movement.. Whatever it is.

Just start. And see where it takes you.

Harri x