The Selfie

Yesterday I met up with some old friends and as we finished up we took a selfie to remember the moment.

Then it happened... I looked at the photo and said, "Well it's not the best photo ever but we all have THIN FACES in it"... and I caught myself..

The photo in question... 

The photo in question... 

WTAF?!?! I'd just had a lovely brunch with two beautiful intelligent women and we'd discussed politics, books, cinema and our careers amongst other things... yet in one fell swoop I'd captioned our moment with something based entirely on how attractive I felt in the photo.


I looked at the photo again and took in the full moment of what the image had captured... the smiles, our arms around each other, the market, the empty cups of the different ways we'd taken our coffees, fact we were all wrapped up from the cold, the slight tiredness from the night before...THE WHOLE MOMENT.

Give a fucking FUCK whether or not the angle of the camera was held at the optimum level to flatter my face! I was so angry that I'd said it. But then I cut myself some slack. Diet mentality takes YEARS to get over. 

My friends... your TECHNICOLOUR AWESOMENESS rules so hard it makes my heart hurt. Fuck diet mentality. X