How comparing your body to when you were younger

Stop comparing your body to your younger self.png

Are you one of those people who is always looking back at old photos wishing they looked like that? STOP! 

Diet club, weigh-ins and (a lack of) happiness 

Earlier this week I found this photo of when I was 26. It really look my off guard because I was genuinely shocked at how great I looked (in a mid-twenties girls night out kinda way) It was actually pretty triggering because it made me think 'wow, I really should try and get back in the gym and stop eating cake <insert delicious food here>'


The thing is, the REALITY of that photo (left) is that I was far from happy with myself at that time. Yes I was thinner but I was going to a weekly weigh-in at a diet club (voms in mouth at the public shaming), I was barely eating anything apart from rice cakes and cottage cheese, and I was beasting it at high-intensity HIIT classes every day at the gym. (hello, totally unsustainable). I was obsessed with the latest diets, weight loss and thought that happiness was found in a number. 

You are lovely just as you are - finding acceptance

The genuinely tragic thing is I couldn't see that I was perfectly lovely as I was. I remember other members of that diet group saying that I was thin and didn't need to lose any weight but the number on the scale didn't fit the one I wanted to see in my head so I continued to eat less and less (seriously, fucked up diet mentality!) 

Fast forward to today. I COULD beat myself up with that photo for not gyming as much as could and enjoying carbs (shock horror!) OR... I could remember the fucking MISERY of trying to be thinner than my body wanted to be. And the obsession with what I could and couldn't eat, and feeling insecure all the time because I was telling myself I wasn't good enough ALL THE TIME. 

Thankfully, now I'm free from diet mentality, have learned to eat intuitively I am happier than I ever was in my 20s.

Regardless of your own diet story. Please remember that is simply UNKIND it is to compare your body now to any version of younger self because - ageing! I am over 30 now, it's just cruel to compare my body now to how I used to look in my 20s. 

Your body is meant to change over time

Be kind to yourself. It is totally natural that our bodies change over time. Please give yourself a break. Yes, I will never look like I did at 26. But I am FAR happier now than I ever was on a diet. Happiness is not found in a number, it's found in accepting who you are and being ok with that. 

Love Harri Rose