Are you secretly making yourself feel bad with #inspo vibes

Are you making yourself feel bad with inspo vibes

Yesterday I did a workshop and we were talking about social media. A girl said to the group that she fills her feed with fitness models as it motivates her to one day look like them. Maybe that works for her and doesn't trigger her to outwardly feel bad about herself, but I would just like to put it to you that if you’re always hoping to find happiness in a future version of yourself - that’s diet mentality! See, diet mentality is sneaky. It doesn’t always trigger you to feel outwardly shit about yourself but if you’re always thinking you could look better you’re forever telling yourself that you don’t like yourself how you are, right now.

My girl Lucy Sheridan talks about comparison and social media. And she talks about only following people you’d invite to a house party. Nice idea right! Anyone you wouldn’t want to share your house with doesn’t get an invite to your social media feed.

We have the choice who we allow into our space. If you’re just seeing images of thin, white women then that’s not the real world. And if you’re looking at tons of images that make you feel crap about yourself -


How about following people who are the same size as you or bigger! See how they’re living their lives and loving themselves!  

There is no need to beat yourself up on a daily basis with photoshopped images of people whose JOB it is to work out and eat incredibly restrictively! Why would you do that to yourself?!

There are loads of incredible body positivity accounts out there these day, try to create a feed full of inspirational people who make you feel GOOD about yourself! Who give you good vibes and not make you want to change the way you are!

Here are some of my favourite body positivity/anti-diet Instagram accounts:

Milly Smith 


Yours Truely Melly 

Haley Goodrich RD

Imma Eat That

The Real Life RD

Kelsey Miller

Lindy West


Christy Harrison


You Aint Your Weight

Let’s start being mindful who we’re inviting into the party. Take control of the messages you’re feeding yourself. We’re already bombarded with messages in magazines and in advertising, social media is where we can take back the power.

You can curate how you want to feel.

Just be mindful this week how your feed is making you feel and if ‘being inspired’ instead actually just a way of making you feel shitty about yourself now.

Love Harri x