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The feeling of the red bikini

Something a little different this week. I wanted to share something that one of my long term clients wrote as part of a writing exercise we came up with as a goal.

For context - this client, let’s call her R, has been working with me for a long time and she recently had a wonderful moment when she found a red bikini she felt confident enough to wear. This piece was inspired by that purchase.

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How to Start Showing up for Yourself (Like you would for your best friend)

Are you one of these people who gets annoyed when people don’t show up for you? Or cancel plans last minute? When someone changes their mind last minute or puts something else over what they’ve planned with you?

It’s fucking annoying right?! Doesn’t make you feel good and often leaves you missing out on something good.

Well bae, how many times are you doing that to YOURSELF.


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Just start... kicking procrastination and fear into touch.

JUST START! I have written that sentence to myself a 100 times in journals, on post-its and in notes on my phone. Just start.

But it’s so hard!

Even writing this blog brought a paralysis that made me instantly need to check my emails, go make a cup of coffee, read another blog (for inspiration right), think about what I was doing later and day-dream about a Portugal holiday.

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