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6 Real Reasons Diets Always Fail

The diet industry is worth BILLIONS. And yet, there is ample proof now that diets do not work in the long term. 90% of dieters put all the weight back on within 5 years PLUS MORE. You are literally going to get fatter because of dieting. Yet, it's they're still taking our money year after year!

Happiness is not to be found in rock hard abs or a thigh gap. I promise. Here are 6 real reasons diets always fail... 


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5 Tips for Easter survival when in diet recovery

This weekend is basically a celebration of chocolate. Although these days it doesn’t hold the same weight as it used to because, shocker, I eat chocolate probably most days.


But when you’re under a restricted regime, diet or ‘lifestyle plan’, Easter weekend, with all it’s chocolatey wares, is something to be afraid of. In the same way that Christmas, birthdays or any other holidays that involve fun and food, diet culture tells us that on these occasions we cannot possibly be trusted around such sweet delights.

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Why real self-love takes balls

Self-love is often marketed in a way that’s cringey, touchy-feely and maybe even self-indulgent. But in reality - it takes a punk ass attitude. I’ll explain why. 

Too often we spend too long treating the symptoms of the (dis)stress in our lives, by which I mean, for example you’re feeling totally slammed at work (the symptom is stress) so you book a
massage to get relaxed (temporary ‘cure’). In my opinion, that's self-care. Don't get me wrong, self-care is awesome. But a bath isn't going to sort out the root cause of your problem.

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Everyone emotionally eats sometimes

A client told me yesterday that she needed to 'sort her food out'. She said she felt 'out of control.' And she told me said felt like she was reverting back to old habits of overeating, secret eating and wasn't able to make good food decisions at the moment. I told her that she wasn't out of control, she just needed to find out what was really going on. 

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Can we ever 'master' dieting using the 10,000 hours rule?

Have you heard the 10,000 hours rule? Malcolm Gladwell in his book 'Outliers' argues that with 10,000 hours of deliberate practice, you can master a new skill.

10,000 hours equals roughly 9 years if you practised on average for 3 hours a day. Sounds like a lot right? 9 years to master the piano, poker or Portuguese. Seems like a BIG commitment to decide to master something.

But how many hours do you think you spend berating yourself, telling your body that you hate it, wishing you looked different, thought about what you’re going to eat, felt guilty about what you just ate, compared yourself to other people, daydreamed about your ‘perfect body’ and how happy you’re going to be once you get it….

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The Selfie

Yesterday I met up with some old friends and as we finished up we took a selfie to remember the moment.

Then it happened... I looked at the photo and said, "Well it's not the best photo ever but we all have THIN FACES in it"... and I caught myself.. 

WTAF?!?! I'd just had a lovely brunch with two beautiful intelligent women and we'd discussed politics, books, cinema and our careers amongst other things... yet in one fell swoop I'd captioned our moment with something based entirely on how attractive I felt in the photo.


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