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5 Easy tips to cultivate more joy

We all know that life isn't a bed of roses all the time. In fact, some times life can be really fucking hard, and it's entirely impossible to feel happy all the time. However, it's precisely for this reason that it's really important to cultivate this thing called joy. 

Imagine not worrying so much about what other people thought of you, spending less time wanting things you haven't got, wishing you weren't so stressed out all the time - well this practice can help with all these things. 

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How to cultivate more gratitude

Cultivating gratitude is something I've done for quite a while now. I know it sounds kinda cheesy and perhaps a touch American to be thankful or blessed about everything but stick with me.

I've never been ashamed to tell people that I sometimes get struck down by anxiety/depression and the reason I began doing this practice was because of the countless research backing up claims that daily gratitude is super powerful in boosting your wellbeing.

Want to sleep better? Practice gratitude. Want to feel less stressed? Gratitude. Want to have lower blood pressure? Yup, gratitude. Want to feel happier? You got it, gratitude. Want to be a better lover? .. I imagine there’s probably a paper that says being more appreciative will do it.

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