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Can we ever 'master' dieting using the 10,000 hours rule?

Have you heard the 10,000 hours rule? Malcolm Gladwell in his book 'Outliers' argues that with 10,000 hours of deliberate practice, you can master a new skill.

10,000 hours equals roughly 9 years if you practised on average for 3 hours a day. Sounds like a lot right? 9 years to master the piano, poker or Portuguese. Seems like a BIG commitment to decide to master something.

But how many hours do you think you spend berating yourself, telling your body that you hate it, wishing you looked different, thought about what you’re going to eat, felt guilty about what you just ate, compared yourself to other people, daydreamed about your ‘perfect body’ and how happy you’re going to be once you get it….

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How to Start Showing up for Yourself (Like you would for your best friend)

Are you one of these people who gets annoyed when people don’t show up for you? Or cancel plans last minute? When someone changes their mind last minute or puts something else over what they’ve planned with you?

It’s fucking annoying right?! Doesn’t make you feel good and often leaves you missing out on something good.

Well bae, how many times are you doing that to YOURSELF.


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How to cultivate more gratitude

Cultivating gratitude is something I've done for quite a while now. I know it sounds kinda cheesy and perhaps a touch American to be thankful or blessed about everything but stick with me.

I've never been ashamed to tell people that I sometimes get struck down by anxiety/depression and the reason I began doing this practice was because of the countless research backing up claims that daily gratitude is super powerful in boosting your wellbeing.

Want to sleep better? Practice gratitude. Want to feel less stressed? Gratitude. Want to have lower blood pressure? Yup, gratitude. Want to feel happier? You got it, gratitude. Want to be a better lover? .. I imagine there’s probably a paper that says being more appreciative will do it.

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Just start... kicking procrastination and fear into touch.

JUST START! I have written that sentence to myself a 100 times in journals, on post-its and in notes on my phone. Just start.

But it’s so hard!

Even writing this blog brought a paralysis that made me instantly need to check my emails, go make a cup of coffee, read another blog (for inspiration right), think about what I was doing later and day-dream about a Portugal holiday.

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