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I Choose happiness

I want to remember and celebrate, every day, in every way, the choice that I have made.

I have chosen happiness. Instead of restriction and denial, I have chosen joy. Instead of pain and anxiety, I have chosen pleasure and self-compassion. I have chosen to love myself, in every moment, for where and who I am right now. I have chosen a present and a future that are bright and sparkly and full of laughter and love.

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What to do when you fall off the diet wagon

Ok, so we all know how this goes. You’ve set out on your latest lifestyle programme/healthy eating plan/diet (insert diet here) for 2018. On the 1st Jan you are SET. This is the one that going to stick to. This one FEELS different. You are motivated! You are mentally strong! You are visualising the shit out that new body you’re going to get, you’re managing to say no to all the ‘bad things’ like cake and fun, and you’re feeling like, yes - this is IT!

But come mid-Feb… ugh. The enthusiasm is waning, the call for that glass of wine, dessert or winter comfort food is returning and suddenly *BAM* you’re on a slippery slope. You start to ‘cheat’ on your plan, you’re eating irrationally and the guilt sets in.

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