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Half-day Experience

If you are looking for a one off immersive experience which is unique to your needs and yet allows you to tap into my knowledge and experience so you can achieve some of the changes that are most important to you right now, this is the one for you.  

This is personal to you from the very first moment, in that, we will meet somewhere that we will select based on your likes and interests so immediately we are in an environment which will lead to the most stimulating conversations and provide a perfect learning backdrop.


Ahead of this you will be given some pre-work to complete to enable us to have a running start to our time together where we will look to build the vision of where you’d like to be when it comes to your relationship with your body. We will also, as part of this, uncover where diet mentality, past experiences and low body acceptance are keeping you stuck in your life.

Through my carefully designed exercises you can also expect to gain crystal clarity on where you are now, without judgement, to reveal and heal your mean thoughts and unhelpful stories and beliefs.

We'll also work on deeply connecting visualisations to help you integrate your new ways and beliefs into your life, and inspire a new vision for yourself.

Over 4 hours, with a nourishing break in the middle, we’ll cultivate the conditions for big shifts and create a step-by-step plan you can take away. During the summer months this session can be held outside, in Winter we’ll be in the cosiest corners.


* 4 hours at a chosen location

* Bespoke 1:1 coaching in person

* The space and questions to unlock the unhelpful body confidence stories and/or diet mentality which is keeping your stuck.

* Tools to stop the obsessive, negative thoughts you have about food and/or your body so you can feel more present, balanced and content everyday.   

*  Tailored activities to show you how to add more self-love and compassion into your life and start to heal the relationship with yourself.

* Prompts to discover what stories you have about food and a kick starter into ways you can making peace with eating.

* An focused, strategic action plan to work out what ’wellness’ can look like for you, without the focus on changing your body. And a map to begin exploring what lights you up so you can feel more alive, happy and well.

Investment: £770

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