Praise for Harri Rose's work

It’s no quick fix, but if you’re serious about building a new life, Harri Rose’s hand is a great one to hold, she ‘gets it’. I would still be lost without her. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
— Mikey
I have always had an unhealthy relationship with food and my body and never believed I could change that. Through coaching with Harri I know I can enjoy my body without changing it, I can exercise for fun and I can enjoy food without shame.
— Lily

Harri is a very self-aware person, she is hugely emotionally intelligent which is super important when assuming the role of coach. She is also someone who sees the best in people, even when they don’t.
— Rebecca

Harri was brilliant at identifying the negative traits that I thought about myself and tried to get to the bottom of why I felt like I did. The negative self-talk was a regular process of the binge eating and I was living up too much to society’s expectation of what I should look like. Harri was motivating, checked in with me on a regular basis and encouraged me to push myself into areas I would never have entered. Thank you!
— Beth

Harri is brilliant at listening and fully understanding my issues. Her positivity and encouragement really give me a lift and since I’ve been coached by Harri I have felt happier and more satisfied. She is a natural and so down to earth - I don’t feel embarrassed or silly talking about anything with her and she always makes sure the goals are achievable and you’re comfortable with them. Harri taught me to challenge my negative self-talk, focus on nourishing my body, and that it’s ok to eat what I want when I want. She also encouraged me to try new hobbies and dating. Thank you.
— Ros

Harri is gorgeous and fun and has a great energy. She leads by example and teaches from experience. Plus she has a ton of tools and lessons to share, she is an excellent coach.
— Cece