If you’re not sure whether coaching is for you then this FREE 40 minute taster session is the perfect gift to give yourself.

Imagine having someone to guide you through the year so you can learn to feeling happy in your skin, confident and well - instead of the usual stressed out, tired and always in need of a diet.

Sound good? Well, this discovery call will give you the taste of what it’s like to have your own coach.

This call is the perfect amount of time to work on your biggest issue or concern around food or your body. You’ll leave with a mini action plan to put in place in your own time.

Book via the form below and look out for a follow up email from me with the short ‘getting to know you form’. Didn’t get an confirmation email? Send me a message at

Through signing up to this FREE discovery call you’ll get a taste of what it feels like to:

  • Reconnect to your body and discover how it’s been waiting for you all along.

  • Feel freedom to enjoy the festive period like you may never have been able to before.

  • Let go of negative self-talk you’ve been using to hold yourself down.

  • Uncover what food fears you’re holding on to and body hang ups are holding you back

  • Gain clarity on what diet messaging you’ve internalised and ways to break free so you’ll not feel the pressure to go on a diet

  • Stop feeling like not worthy of love/attractiveness or able to wear that sparkly dress everyone else is wearing at this time of year.

Some useful things to know:

  • This is a taster session for all - however you identify when it comes to gender, sexuality, background or body type you are welcome.

  • There’ll be no hard sell - this is my promise to you. I will go over how I work with my 1:1 clients but you’ll be able to go away and think about whether it’s right for you. No hard sell around here. I believe that people know whether or not they’re ready to commit to this work.

  • Your input is valued - There’ll be an opportunity prior to the workshop to send me your topic/theme or question of choice.

  • There’ll be a playback - if you’d like one I can record our call for you to review.