The signature 4 month programme


This 4 month signature programme takes a 360* look at what’s holding you back and creates real sustainable change that lasts.


* You’ve tried every diet in the past and you’re sick of pinning your happiness on an ‘ideal weight’.

* You’re sick of obsessing over food and your body & you’re done with quick fixes or ‘wellness’ fads that don’t work.

* You feel out of control or stressed about 'right/wrong' foods. You're confused about how to eat 'correctly'. 

* You've lost touch with your natural hunger cues and have no idea how to stop dieting.

* You criticise and shame your body when you look in the mirror. You're uncomfortable in photographs.


* You compare your body negatively against others.

* You give yourself a hard time for not working out more - or you over-exercise, even when you're sick or tired. You don't know how to find an exercise you love (and maybe exercise feels like punishment).

* You’re ready to get rid of the inner bitch inside your head telling you that you’re not good enough.

* You want to stop the feeling that life is rushing past and you’re missing it because of your body confidence.


You’re ready to stop numbing out life with food, work and relationships. You’re ready to learn to love your body, find your true self and work out what really makes you happy.

The programme is split into three phases:

Phase 1: Getting to the root and creating new habits

  • Understanding your experiences, what negative stories are holding you back and shining a light on how diet culture is impacting your life.

  • In a safe, supported environment, we’ll look at areas such as how shame, disordered behaviours around food and unhelpful thoughts are keeping your stuck.

  • You’ll build a plan for moving forward and for relearning how to trusting your natural ability to choose what your body needs, without loss of control, and in a way that nourishes. (This might be alien to where you’re at at the moment, but I promise you, it’s entirely possible.)

  • You’ll get to paint a picture of how you want to feel in the future (that doesn’t necessitate changing your body in any way!) - and build a vision for the life you really want.

  • You’ll learn the fundamentals of intuitive eating and take the first steps to increasing your own confidence in your body.

Phase 2: Growing and Consolidating

  • You’ll build on new behaviours and learn new ways of thinking through mindfulness so old patterns will start to dissolve

  • You’ll begin to see diet mentality for how damaging it really is, and start exploring how to eat from a place of joy.

  • Shame and unhelpful stories will be replaced by a kinder way of thinking about your body. Blocks will begin to shift and you’ll rediscover parts of yourself. You’ll find you have more space for fun and adventure in your life. You will notice how you have time and energy for other things because you are not occupied by constant food thoughts.

  • Food will no longer be the enemy, you’ll work on nourishing yourself going with the natural feelings of hunger and fullness. You’ll remove thoughts that foods are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and choose freely - yes really.

  • We’ll look at your life in a 360* so to find out what is draining your energy and sucking your power.

  • You’ll have more confidence to begin exploring what lights you up and creating your own blend of wellness.

Harri is a very self-aware person, she is hugely emotionally intelligent which is super important when assuming the role of coach. She sees the best in people, even when they don’t.
— Rebecca

Phase 3: Confidence and Freedom:

  • You’ll have removed all the ‘shoulds’ from eating. Food guilt and ‘f*ck it windows’ of binge eating will be rare of even a thing of the past.

  • Your body confidence will continue to improve and you’ll find a deep gratitude for your body. You’ll be able to stop falling into the comparison trap when looking at magazines or other people’s bodies.

  • Critical self-thoughts will have been replaced with more loving kindness.

  • You’ll find movement you enjoy and nourish yourself with no goal apart from feeling well.

  • You’ll have more confidence to say ‘no thanks‘ to things you don’t want to do and ‘f*ck yes’ to the things that make you feel happy.

  • You’ll be able to treat yourself like your best friend, knowing that you are the most important person in your life.

  • You’ll work out what ‘wellness’ looks like for you. Food will lose its power and you’ll choose habits that make you feel well and happy.

  • You’ll look back and see how far you’ve come. And look forward to living more colourfully, creatively and in the way that most expresses your awesomeness.

  • You’ll see that you have everything you need to live your best life, just as you are, right now.


What you’ll get:


* A bespoke 1: 1 plan where you set the pace and the direction in a safe, confidential environment.

* 8 x coaching calls (Skype 60 mins). Each call will end with a personalised action plan to drive you towards the vision of yourself you want to achieve.

* Interim Whatsapp support between sessions not every coach does this but I feel it's important for your support to overcome challenges and celebrate the mini wins.

* The principles of intuitive eating delivered in an easy, step by step format.

* Exercises to dramatically improve your self esteem and real talk ways to help you love your body.

* Creative ways work out what lights you up and makes you feel good (and how you’re going to use the new brain space you’ll have now you’re not obsessively worrying about food or your body).

* A wealth of resources, articles, books. Invitations to events when they arise (London only) to support our work together.

* Guidance to help ensure you create sustainable change that lasts - so you can feel confident that you'll never diet again.

* A personal cheerleader (that’s me) supporting you every step of the way and an invitation to continue this work following the conclusion of this programme.

Total investment: £1400 / £350 pm (Payable by BACS or Paypal. Installment plans are available, please just ask.)