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The doors are open to the first online retreat. Welcome to The Summer House!

This three week course (10 - 31 July 2019) is perfect for anyone wanting to dip their toes into the coaching pool without taking the plunge with a 1:1 journey. Work at your own pace at a time convenient for you.

Imagine walking through the doors of a beautiful house filled with warm sunshine where everyone can be whoever they want to be. The Summer House is a safe place of tranquillity where every room is decorated however you choose (all with walk in wardrobes and en suite bathrooms, obviously). Here you can hang out with like-minded beauties all with the same goal. There’s a room with your name on it.

Over the course of three weeks, you’ll make-over your summer mindset with juicy shifts in how you think, feel, move and live.


The course is split into three weekly themes based on the areas of focus that my clients most need during summer:

Week 1: Self-compassion

Week 2: Making peace with food 

Week 3: Body confidence

Learn at your own pace with resources sent straight into your inbox and feel supported by a closed Facebook group of people on the same path as you. Gain weekly insight in the Live Q+As and let go of unhelpful stories holding you back through techniques from mindfulness, NLP and health coaching.

Finish the retreat feeling lighter, happier and more confident - armed with a toolkit you can continue using at home.

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Your retreat host Harri Rose who battled with severe body issues and disordered eating for many years before becoming a health coach.

Your retreat host Harri Rose who battled with severe body issues and disordered eating for many years before becoming a health coach.


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  • 3 weekly themes - self-compassion, making peace with food, body confidence

  • 3 weekly Facebook lives + Q & A

  • 3 weekly workbooks

  • Body Power meditation

  • Daily check ins and pep talks 

  • Journal prompts + book recommendations

  • A community of like minded individuals


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three THEMEs and weekly facebook lives

The three themes are designed to help solve the biggest issues that my clients face in the summer.

Week 1: Self-compassion

Week 2: Making peace with food 

Week 3: Body confidence


You’ll also have the opportunity to gain personalised insight by asking your questions during each weekly Facebook live with Harri based on the theme - plus space for Q&As.


three Self guided workbooks

Allow your imagination to whisk you away to the sun loungers of The Summer House while working at your own pace at a time that suits you. These workbooks help turn theory into IRL practice.

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No fear of body or food shame here babe. You’ll have access to peer support in the safe, closed Facebook group. No more self-sabotage, no more shaming yourself. This is a community of bad-ass babes all on the same path wanting to make the most of the retreat as much as you.



10% discount on the upcoming course ‘You are enough’

When my book ‘You are Enough - How to embrace your awesomeness and love the skin you’re in’ comes out 7 August. You’ll get first access to the accompanying course plus a discretionary 10% loyalty discount.


Secure your place in The Summer House for just £50. Hit the button below to go to the shop. The course starts 8 July but don’t worry if you can’t make the first day. All the info will be emailed straight to your inbox and put into the Facebook group.

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Three weeks to a happier, more confident you - learning at your own pace within the safe support of a closed Facebook group. Get your place now.

Secure your place at The Summer House for just £50 by clicking the button below.

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Over three weeks, we will cover content that will include but not be limited to:

  • Understanding your experiences, see what stories are holding you back and shine a light on how diet culture is impacting your life and keeping you stuck.

  • Learning how to undo the negative blocks you hold about your body. 

  • Getting rid of the inner bitch voice. Creating your own path to self-acceptance and learning to appreciate how wonderful your body truly is.

  • Beginning to trust your natural ability to choose what your body needs without loss of control, and in a way that nourishes. (This might be alien to where you’re at at the moment, but I promise you, it’s entirely possible).

  • Learning the fundamentals of intuitive eating and take the first steps to increasing your own confidence in your body.

  • Discovering ways to get over feelings of inadequacy and comparison. 

  • Learning to let go of the body ideals and food rules that are stealing the joy from your life.


Things previous clients have said about working with Harri Rose:

“It takes a special person to get confidence back for you. Harri is one of those people. The world is a better place with people like her amongst us. A fantastic life cheer leader. She is an 100% authentic human being walking her talk with loving grace.” - Janice

“Anyone feeling less than happy with themselves should talk to Harri. Not diet, not self-hate. First step to loving yourself is to speak to her.” - Ruth

“Coaching with Harri was so worth every minute. I came away with tools that last a lifetime. I honestly use them every day. It's an absolute game changer” - Lily

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Does it matter if I’m not around on the first day of the course or at the Facebook Lives? No, the course is three weeks but the workbooks will arrive into your inbox directly and you can work on them at a time convenient for you. The Facebook lives will stay within the closed group for the duration of the time so you can catch up whenever is good for you! You’ll have access to this content for life.

What type of people do I work with?

My clients are all all ages and from all walks of life. The one thing that connects them is that they’re ready to feel happy in their skin and undo the years of diet culture which tells them that they don't measure up. They're ready to stop living for a future happiness and embrace who they are, right now. The people I work with are sick of feeling like they're losing the battle. They're tired of hating what they see in the mirror, they've had enough of not feeling good enough and they're sick of negative thoughts ruining their confidence. The Summer House is a safe place for all bodies and identities, any discrimination will not be tolerated and the participant will be asked to leave the course.

Can I get a refund if I’m not happy? Of course I would be extremely sad if you weren’t happy with the content of the course, but if you find your expectations aren’t met then I’ll be happy to refund you the remaining fee.

How do I get a place on The Summer House? Just click the button above or head to my shop. Once you’ve paid your fee of £50 then you’ll automatically get sent your joining instructions.

Do you do a low income fee? If cost is prohibitory for you please email to discuss a bursary place. I never want anyone not to be able to access my courses due to financial costs.

Grab your place now by clicking the button below!

For any other questions or concerns please email and I’ll get right back to you.

Love Harri x

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