How to use the magical tool of self-compassion to stop beating yourself up and leave your insecurities at the door.

Lesson 2 - Body Acceptance and Self-compassion - how to get rid of body perfectionism and the need for other’s approval.


What? The second lesson is a 2 hour lecture style workshop based on the teaching of self-compassion ‘queen’ Kristen Neff plus Harri Rose’s body acceptance coaching.

Where? Online via web link. Can’t join live? No probs! You’ll receive a recording of the workshop to watch and complete at a time that’s good for you.

The 101 Lesson 2
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Why is it called the 101?

Because these are the essentials and foundations to body acceptance. You can come with any - or no level understanding of the topic - and still benefit.

Self-compassion, say what now?

This workshop is for you if you’re ready to:

  • stop the inner bitch voice that tells us you that you’re not good enough.

  • stop putting your life on hold because you don’t feel ready or ‘perfect enough’.

  • stop looking for other’s approval to feel good.

  • stop the comparison and believing that we’re not measuring up.

  • stop and let go of the idea that your body is flawed.

  • stop looking in the mirror and judging your reflections.

  • stop negative self-talk and inner bitch voice.

  • stop looking for solutions to ‘their problem areas.’

While self-love can feel like a huge leap on the road to body acceptance (not to mention a bit cringe if you’re new to it) - self-compassion can build us a bridge from being the bully to being the friend.

The 101, Lesson Two: Self-compassion - How to get rid of body perfectionism and the need for other’s approval:

Together, we’ll explore….

  • Discover how curiosity is the key to unlocking self-compassion

  • Understand what self-kindness can look like in your world with practical activities.

  • Gain helpful tricks and techniques to stop fighting your body and ask yourself what you really need (see ya later approval of others!)

  • Learn how mindfulness can change negative thoughts to kinder ones.

  • Find new confidence and gain a softer attitude towards yourself.

  • Scope and take away your own personal action plan so can continue this work after the workshop. I’ll give you the right questions and practical exercises to create changes that you can continue to build on.

  • Have the opportunity to personalised insight by asking your questions live during the Q&A. Usually reserved for my 1:1 private clients these insights and tools are ready for you to activate immediately!

In this digital hang out, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people in a safe space where you’ll never be asked to share unless you want to.

The beauty of you being in your own home is the privacy you’ll have to fully immerse yourself in the learning.

Join me Monday 29 April 2019 at 7.30pm - 9.30pm (UK Time)

The 101 Lesson 2
25.99 50.00
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Self-compassion provides you with the tools to be able to identify and give yourself whatever it is you need to face life’s adversities.

Being kind to yourself and your body won’t feel so hard because you’ll have the skills to draw on your inner strength and wisdom (Goodbye to hanging around for compliments to give you a boost).

You will see that the most person you need in most in life is yourselves - you can learn to be your own BFF.

Self-compassion also gives us the tools to stop living for the future, or wishing for the past, and instead live more fully present in the moment.

You’ll have all the power you need to stop needing other’s to feel good and to stop being your own bully.

Through self-compassion we’re able to love better, be more generous, empathetic, happier and more resilient.


The 101 Lesson 2
25.99 50.00
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I promise, you don’t have to spend your life pinching, restricting, worrying or feeling not worthy. You don’t have to wait for someone else to make you feel good or soothe you when you need comfort.

In my private coaching practice, I see clients all the time who don’t know where to start. They feel lost and trapped in a cycle of diets then giving up. They can’t see how it’s possible to cultivate the kindness and love they deserve from within themselves. They are giving all their power away to the approval of others.

Since learning these tools, my clients have been able to:



  • Start to be their own BFF and start seeing how awesome they really are.

  • Start by asking themselves what they need.

  • Start liking the person they see looking back at them.

  • Start a self-compassion practice that feels authentic and true.

  • Start embracing their body as it is, right now, without changing a thing.

  • Start seeing how diet culture makes us feel inadequate for the BS that it is.

  • Start using mindfulness to live more in the present and less in the past or future.

  • Start to do the things in their life they were previously holding themselves back from because of how they felt about themselves and their body.

Through this workshop you’ll:

  • Uncover what ways you’re dependent on other’s to feel good and what negative self-talk you’ve been using to hold yourself down and back.

  • Clarity on what self-compassion looks like and how to apply it into your life.

  • Stop feeling like you’re worthy of love/attractiveness and the need for other’s approval.

  • Reconnect to your inner BFF as well to your body.

  • Feel freedom to enjoy your life like you may never have been able to before.

The 101 Lesson 2
25.99 50.00
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What previous clients have said about working with me:

I have always had an unhealthy relationship with food and my body and never believed I could change that. Through coaching with Harri I know I can enjoy my body without changing it, I can exercise for fun and I can enjoy food without shame.
It’s no quick fix, but if you’re serious about building a new life, Harri Rose’s hand is a great one to hold, she ‘gets it’. I would still be lost without her. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Some useful things to know:

Holly resized.jpg
  • This is a workshop for all - however you identify when it comes to gender, sexuality, background or body type you are welcome. I created the 101 to be used either as an essential starting point, a helpful refresher and a way to build your body acceptance practice.

  • Money back guarantee - If you're not happy I will give you your money back - yup, really. If you don't find the workshop useful in helping you break free from diet culture then you can have a full refund.

  • What’s included - as part of your ticket price you will receive attendance to the live workshop, worksheets for you to use during and afterwards to support you on your journey.

  • Your input is valued - There’ll be an opportunity prior to the workshop to send me your questions. I’ll do my very best to try and incorporate them into the content on the workshop.

  • There’ll be a playback - if for some reason you can’t make it, then fret not! You’ll get a play back of the video for you to watch in your own time. Or play again as a refresher.

    I can't wait to see you there!

The 101 Lesson 2
25.99 50.00

The 101 Lesson 2 - Body Acceptance and Self-Compassion.

How to get rid of body perfectionism and the need for other’s approval.

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