Work with me


Imagine more adventures, more leaps of faith, more smiles, more struts down the beach, more laughter & less tears, more breath, more moments captured, more licks of the spoon, more colour, more sunshine on skin, more why-nots, more feeling like you're home. 

  • Imagine a place when you can stop obsessively talking and thinking about diets - where you no longer live within restriction, weighing up every decision it’s impact on the scales but instead live from a place of joy.

  • Imagine making peace with your body so you feel whole and no longer cut off at the neck.

  • Imagine looking in the mirror and giving yourself a wink because you feel great

  • Imagine nourishing and moving your body however you need day by day with no goal to reach except ‘feeling well’.

  • Imagine no longer putting off your happiness on a future number but embracing the present moment.

life-long, sustainable changes

Whether you’ve worked with a coach or not, that’s totally ok! I ensure that the results my clients get are life-long changes because my work always has these two focuses:

  • It’s impact-focused, not solution-focused because there’s no point solving a problem unless it’s the problem that really is going to have a big positive change in your life.

  • And it’s question-focused, not answer-focused. This might sound strange but hear me out, I know that you already have all the answers within you to start creating your best life. You just need better questions to get to them. That’s where I come in.


Work with me 1:1 in three ways: 

This is not one-size-fits-all coaching. Below you will find three popular programmes that my clients like to choose. That said, each recommendation is made to you and your needs, so please get in touch to discuss what can be the right path for you.


Signature 4 month programme

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Half Day Experience (in person)

Single Sessions (Limited availability)

Harri is brilliant at listening and fully understanding my issues. Her positivity and encouragement really give me a lift and since I’ve been coached by Harri I have felt happier and more satisfied. She is a natural and so down to earth - I don’t feel embarrassed or silly talking about anything with her and she always makes sure the goals are achievable and you’re comfortable with them. Harri taught me to challenge my negative self-talk, focus on nourishing my body, and that it’s ok to eat what I want when I want.
— Roz